What can I find at BALCO Uniform?

With hundreds of manufacturers at our fingertips, we offer a large variety of product for the professional in a uniform. Law Enforcement officers find BALCO to be their one stop shop for clothing, duty gear, and equipment. That means we have some of the best quality flashlights, knives, items for self defense, and concealment products available to the general public.  We specialize in customizing uniforms for any industry with embroidery and sewing services.  With our help, your staff will take pride in the way they look and represent your company.

Do you special order products?

Yes, everyday we are ordering unique items for our customers.  Our manufacturers typically get us product within a week.  We can also customize your logo or make emblems for you!  We ship product all over the country and most of our special ordered products arrive only 10 business days after the order has been placed. Custom items like body armor, badges, etc. can take longer, please feel free to give us a call on estimated availability times.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, established accounts may send purchase orders, while new accounts can set up an account by speaking to one of our customer service representatives. Until then, we accept credit cards, checks, and cash. We are accustom to dealing with city, county, tribal, state, and federal government agencies.

Do you have an FFL?

No. We used to sell firearms, but moved away from it to focus more on uniforms.

Can I walk in and buy anything an officer can buy?

Some products in our store and in our manufacturer catalogs are considered “restricted”. That means the product is strictly for use by law enforcement officers. Examples would include badges, batons, and body armor. Restricted items require proof of identification and BALCO UNIFORM will take every precautionary measure to confirm the identity of new customers. BALCO UNIFORM Co. Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Do you sell uniforms outside of Law Enforcement?

Our "bread and butter" has always been law enforcement departments, however we do service all ends of the Public Safety industry including Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Services, and the Health Care industry. We also have several lines of street clothes from t-shirts and hunting boots to dress shirts and hoodies. We don't sell sports uniforms, but mechanics, Hi-Vis construction, chefs, hotel hospitality, and electricians (FR) can all find their uniforms at BALCO.

What is returnable and what is not?

If an item has been altered, it is not returnable. Alterations include but are not limited to hemming, striping, shirt zippers, changing pocket flap or epaulet color, and applied patches. If you would like to return or exchange and item, please return the new item with tags still attached within 14 days of receipt. It is also requested that a RETURN AND EXCHANGE PROCEDURE form accompany the return.

Are all of your products on the website?

No, BALCO Uniform has over 400,000 product numbers that are available for purchase. We are constantly working to add as much of the latest and greatest gear as we can to the site and if there is something you would like to see but don't you can always email us to have it added!