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Fire-Dex - Dex-Pro 3D Leather Glove - Gauntlet Cuff

Item: G2L    Manufacturer: Fire-Dex
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  • Maximum Dexterity
  • Broken-in feel out of the bag.
  • Extreme Durability
  • Optimal materials and construction so you get gloves that last.
  • Superior Protection
  • 60+ TPP and 2 layers of thermal that extend all the way down the fingers.
  • Dex-Flex™ Finger Design
  • Pre-bent, 3D Dex-Flex™ Finger Design more closely mimics the actual orientation of the hand and fingers while at rest.
  • Liner-Loc™ Technology

  • Ensures against liner pull-out with 9 separate attachment points.
  • Keystone Thumb
  • The most ergonomic thumb pattern available. The Keystone thumb is sewn separately into the palm of the glove allowing for a full 360 degree range of motion and maximum flexibility.
  • Rollover Finger Design
  • The glove also incorporates a “Rollover Finger Design” which eliminates bulky seams at the tip of the fingers.
  • Vapor Flex™ Moisture Barrier
  • Vapor Flex™ moisture barrier, significantly reduces restriction in the glove and subsequently reduces hand fatigue.
  • Tex-80 Kevlar® Thread
  • Leathers are sewn a Tex-80 Kevlar® thread for superior tensile strength and resistance to abrasion.
  • Tex-80 Nomex® Thread
  • The liner is sewn with Tex-80 Nomex® thread, which is a staple in the fire industry and most commonly used in turnout gear.
  • Nomex® Knit Wrist
  • Dex-Pro gloves can also be ordered with a Nomex® knit wrist, reinforced with a leather pull-strip.
  • Top Grain Cowhide
  • The back of the glove uses 3.0oz top grain cowhide that has been tanned with a proprietary blend of silicone and other additives that keeps the glove soft after repeated wet/dry cycles.
  • Reverse Grain Cowhide
  • The palm of the glove uses a 3.0oz reverse grain cowhide for added grip in both wet and dry conditions and is tanned with the same proprietary silicone blend. Cowhide is the perfect outer shell material because it provides the best balance of durability, dexterity, abrasion resistance and comfort.
  • Goatskin Fourchettes
  • The sides of the 3D fingers, called fourchettes, are made from 2.0oz goatskin. Goat is the preferred leather where flexibility is required. Due to the high lanolin content in goatskin, it is highly flexible and naturally water resistant.
  • Leather Reinforcements
  • The outer reinforcements on the glove include a knuckle and a palm guard. Both reinforcements are made from 3.0oz split cowhide and extend all the way across the width of the hand.
  • Military-Grade Nomex® Liner
  • The thermal liner is a military-grade, 9.0oz interlock weave Nomex®; currently used in many United States military branches' gloves. Nomex® was selected for its history of performance in the fire service and for its feel while donning and doffing the glove. The interlock weave stretches to eliminate restriction when making a fist or grasping objects.
  • A 2nd layer of thermal on the back of the hand extends all the way down the fingers.
  • Vapor Flex™ Moisture Barrier
  • Vapor Flex™ is a thin, lightweight and breathable polyurethane liner that is highly flexible. This liner significantly reduces bunching and restriction when glove is in use.

  • Manufacturer: Fire-Dex
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